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Unpretty Rapstar 2 Moon Sua Cut - Episode 1 (Part 1/2)

He pulled the hood of his jacket further so it would cover his face.He stole a glance and saw the woman last night from the other end of the table.It’s the best way for the wound to heal, it won’t completely heal but it would help.He keeps on drinking as if the thirst won’t end, the blood of the woman is sweet, and it fits his taste perfectly.Sanha removed his hood and the woman gasped.The woman quickly fell into his compulsion which made Sanha grin in a grim way. Triplets incest. I know already. “Excuse me” he called.The woman let out small whimpers but Sanha didn’t withdraw from his feed. What are you talking about and where are you going?” Their manager started to ask more questions but Sanha’s already starving to act human.The woman took a while to respond but did anyway.The woman stumbled, Sanha held her so she won’t collapse. “You know me?” he asked, feigning ignorance.He pulled the woman inside the dorm and left after closing the door, all happened within seconds.I hope you enjoyed (and will enjoy the future chapters) reading.Another thing that he’s trying hard to improve is his control, it became much better than before but he still fail sometimes.Sanha winked and boasted “I know everything” “Kidding, I saw it earlier when you’re talking with Bin hyung” She smiled and the uncomfortable feeling she felt from Sanha immediately faded.He took the path deeper until no human is in the vicinity and took a leap.He jumped down and landed quietly like a cat.He did his best to be gentle but the woman writhe in pain as soon as his fangs pierced her skin. “So you can have a new wallpaper, I look cuter in our picture” “Huh.He’s already on his limit; the bloodlust is eating his reasoning away.We are ASTRO!” they greeted and formally started their fanmeet. Taichi yamato. He went overboard again.He smiled and even presented to take a picture with him.Sanha is especially energetic today since he just fed, he is talking to the fans enthusiastically when a familiar scent hit his senses. “Yes, I’m a fan!” The woman exclaimed, unaware of what is going to happen to her. “Actually,” Sanha’s eyes shifted color, “I have a favor to ask” “What is it?” the woman asked.” “What corpse? What the heck are you guys talking about?” Sanha took a sharp intake of breath, the woman’s scent is waffling the place.He followed the woman silently until they arrived at a narrow alley.What amused him more is his picture as the wallpaper of her phone.This is how he lure his prey, by his sweet smile and gestures. “Don’t be afraid of me after this” Sanha whispered on her ear and bared his fangs.

moon sua
Unpretty Rapstar 2 Moon Sua Cut

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Retail typically sucked ass, but being a manager and dealing with the highest return volume in the history of his store, a lack of traffic that led to low sales, and multiple delayed shipments, made it more of a fifth circle of hell.Dongmin was still hovering in the hallway, seeming amused by the conversation happening on the phone.He adored his niece, but after a long day at work that capped off a long, rough week, he didn’t think he could survive several hours of princesses and makeup and putting on a happy face.”.Of all the times for his gorgeous neighbor to find him. “And have there been any more dates. Whenever someone mentions Costia. He was midway down the Instagram page of the design firm Dongmin mentioned working for when the bell over the door rang, and a high-pitched cry of “Uncle Bin!” alerted him to his sister’s arrival.Groaning, Bin let his head fall back against the door with a clunk.He was everything a person wanted in a next door neighbor: friendly and quiet, without being nosy or terrifyingly silent. “This place is so nice,” Bin said aloud, stepping closer to the framed artwork of the night sky hanging over the couch.As he collapsed against the door, now closed, he let himself slide down to the floor and sit there for a few minutes.They doubled the staff with seasonal employees in order to keep up with the rising traffic.Pest control always came on the second Tuesday of the month, how could he forget that.Bin shuffled over as Dongmin poured coffee, feeling like even more of a piss-poor home furnisher as he settled into an actual bar chair of appropriate height to the counter, rather than the wobbly wooden stools he’d stolen out of his parents’ garage.Surely it looked like a bit of a peacock move - look at me, I know idols.Dongmin smiled and turned to unlock his door, and Bin couldn’t help but feel a little bit like a messy college students next to him, rather than a successful retail manager of five years.As if to mock him, the door on the other side of the hallway still had the reminder slip that management put out every month taped to it.I’m not sure, I’ve only met him once - he’s got really oily skin, super overactive.A text from Minhyuk lit up his screen as Bin finally picked both his phone and himself up off the floor of his entryway, toeing off his shoes as he tapped out a reply confirming that he already had beer, all Minhyuk needed to do was bring the chicken.U.With a sigh, he tucked his phone away and finally went to put his keys in the door.”.Sumin immediately started placing wet (and slightly sticky) kisses on his cheeks, which he returned with enthusiasm. Kanan mari.

moon sua
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Moon Bin had suspected something grand at the top of the stairs.You’re lucky Mom and Dad were asleep then.Moon Bin loved and hated that about his sister.Moon Bin didn’t even have to glance at the sender’s name to know who was the person who put such a smile on Myung Jun's face.I’m your sister.After slapping Moon Bin what he deemed to be a satisfactory number of times, Myung Jun leaned back in his chair and twirled his pen with his fingers in what was obviously meant to look like a nonchalant move. Ruffnut and Hiccup YouTube. Had he forgotten to close his door tonight.Falling in love with your best friend who doesn't love you that way. “Not that it even matters.”.At the corner of the room closest to the window sat a single bed. “Myung Jun is lucky to have you.Moon Bin smiled at the contact.She moved to lie on the bed beside him so they were face-to-face.Myung Jun probably didn’t even realise, considering how he had veritable hearts in his eyes.Myung Jun- bright, sensitive Myung Jun who hated disappointing the ones he loved- felt guilty for not being able to return Moon Bin’s feelings. thankful.” He gave her what he hoped was a halfway-convicing smile.He seems like the kind of guy who’d be shy about these things.He smiled gently at Moon Bin.He had hoped for the best- that they could become boyfriends.But here was just a plain door that didn’t seem to have anything beyond it.He had his hands so tightly clasped in front of him it was like he was moments away from throwing hands. Twilight Series Rewrite. There was a shelf holding books and several well-polished trophies.Comments: 14 Kudos: 54 Bookmarks: 4 Hits: 390.Don’t pretend you haven’t realised,” Moon Bin said exasperatedly.But that didn’t mean it didn’t hurt like shit.He didn’t recall much but he did remember spending the last hour of their night out with an arm over Jin Woo and Myung Jun’s shoulders as they supported his weight between them.He’d be okay.He felt drawn to the man, transfixed by the steady rising and falling of his chest as he slumbered.As Moon Bin and Myung Jun’s laughter died down, Jin Woo seemed to have gathered himself and cleared his throat.There was something niggling at the back of his mind though.” Moon Bin said the last sentence as if reciting from a script. “Apologies.His cheeks were slightly pink.Because you can’t replace closure with jokes. Enjoy.Before he could reply to Myung Jun, Moon Bin placed a firm hand on his shoulder. “Alright, alright I’m joking.He kept looking between Myung Jun’s face and Moon Bin and Myung Jun’s linked arms.

moon sua
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Moon Sua 문수아 with SinB and Park Seoyoung dancing

Like, at least if it was a fansign there would be the buffer of the album and the sticky notes but now he had to actually interact with them.Maybe if a few things had just been different.He didn't want to go through that, lest put his sister through it. Literally. In approximately twelve hours he would be on a bus to Hongdae for his first fanmeeting (not a fansign, like he had previously thought.Sua had sat down for an half an hour to explain the differences between fansigns and fanmeetings to him). Piko utatane x reader. ).He was actually going to become a fansite master.Maybe if he was still living with his parents in Cheongju and not sharing a cramped apartment with his sister in Seoul. (Oh god, he was going to have to meet Astro, on top of taking pictures and videos of them from afar.Like, really. “I mean,” he continued, pulling noodles out of the pot and blowing on them, “I might as well at this point.Taking pictures of Astro.If he had been born into another life, maybe.But then both of them would probably be broke and hungry for the next two years, at least. (Specifically, of one Cha Eunwoo..Fansite master was pointedly not on the list of his dream careers, (which included, but was not limited to: becoming a dancer and opening his own studio, being a famous mukbang broadcaster, and being paid to sleep) and yet.He placed the phone of the table and held his hand out for the chopsticks, at which she gave him the stink-eye before she handed them over to him, standing back up. Tomorrow, in fact. “I guess,” he mumbled, poking at the pot of ramen as she walked back to the kitchen, grabbing another pair of chopsticks for herself and the container of kimchi from their fridge

And nothing. ?? I hope she finds her right company.Posted by yckim124 442 pts Friday, April 5, 2019.YG probably isnt going to debut a new gg anytime soon and she would probably be considered old by the time YG did debut her.

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Moon Sua reportedly left YG Entertainment after 10 years as a trainee | allkpop

Moon Sua Heart Attack (Demi Lovato) Cover

Have a nice read everyone, don't hesitate to leave comments so I could improve my english and my writing (and I'm quite sure I need it ToT).” Minhyuk giggles softly, and Bin sweared the simple view of this beautiful smile on his fiancé’s face almost had the end of him.A very possessive cat, who didn’t like to share her masters with anyone else.Before the two loves of his life had the opportunity to start a fight (and, he was fairly sure, Roa wasn’t considerate enough to give to Minhyuk a single chance to win), Bin hurried to grab his cat and took her away from his fiancé.Bin didn’t care.It was as if Roa was genetically programmed to declare the Third World War to any people who got close to him. Overwatch Amino. “Well, I think your cat don’t like me.You are destined to be stuck with me till the end of times, and this present life isn’t an exception, okay.” Minhyuk simply shrugged his shoulders.He inhales it lightly and smiled when the fragrance just reminded him of all the memories he had with this precious angel.You just don’t realize how beautiful, amazing you are, baby.He remembered when Minhyuk were so jealous of Bin’s friendship with Dongmin because of all these binwoo shippers, but preferred to stay silent and keep his pain for himself instead of talking about with Bin.And, as soon as they finally get married, Bin knew he will have all the occasions to prove to his husband he loved him, till the end of time..Because, honestly, Bin feared for Minhyuk’s life.The look on the face of the older made Minhyuk’s heart flustered as Bin pressed a little kiss on his boyfriend’s lips, then started to rub tenderly his nose against Minhyuk’s to encourage him.Bin pressed a gentle kiss on his lover’s forehead, then buried his nose in Minhyuk’s hair. (Yes, because for their families, get married with some crazy blue or pink hair wasn’t an option.The large windows let the sunshine in, illuminating Minhyuk like he was under some divine light, and at this moment Bin just wanted to put his hand on Minhyuk’s smooth skin, touching him and kissing him softly.) Minhyuk rubbed his eyes with tiredness, and Bin felt his heart fall in his chest.Don’t pay attention to what people are saying: they just talking because they can’t understand the love I have for you.The hair of the younger boy was a total mess, and the fact he just woken up made him a little puffy, but for Bin, this view of his baby wearing one of his sweatshirts and a pair of shorts was so cute.And he had his idea about the reason of his fiancé’s words. Tumblr forced impregnation.

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moon sua

It’s also have a small shop, Star Instrument which is selling musical instrument.Star Music Company is a tuition school which provide music learning, dancing, and singing.Mentally exhausted.Park Minhyuk is a free spirit street dancer well known as Rocky.So know that other will not appear as much as them.An only partner that Eunwoo can trust as he is his best friend from kindergarten also a graduate from business school. Mr. He gave up on his dream as he need to make sure his parent company survives well in this harsh industry.He teaches drum.So know that other will not appear as much as them. 5 years in the industry make him as hard as rock.Ji Changmin, 22 and Lee Juyeon, 23 are dance teacher.He loves travelling and will do his street dance anywhere anytime he wants..He gave up on school and choose to pursue his passion in dancing.Travelling alone somewhat make him dissatisfied, he is 23 years old and alone.Kim Myungjun is also a manager of Star Instrument which he will spend his time more in shop if he didn’t have class to teach.Yoon Sanha, 20 university student working at the Star Instrument and sometime busking.He is well known as cold CEO that hardly to see his smile.Cha Eunwoo, 25 is a young strict CEO of Star Music Company, after his parent died in accident.He is well known as cold CEO that hardly to see his smile.He gave up on his dream as he need to make sure his parent company survives well in this harsh industry.One day he made a decision to dock at a place to find a good job instead of travelling doing what he loves with unstable income.

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But before that, come eat with us.Good luck on finding your mom kiddo” “Thank you!” I exclaimed.I really missed him.I also learned how busy humans are to earn money, seems like being human bears a lot of responsibilities.My thoughts are cut off by a familiar scent, an old scent which still lingers in his room.It’s been months since we last saw each other, I’m contented in watching him from this distance. Scootaloo fanfic. “Roa” Bin called.I also realized that I don’t remember my way back home. “Roa, our fans want to see you too” He said.I just can’t wait until I get bigger, all I got now are my feeble limbs. “I’ll bring you back home now Roa” Bin said to me one day. “I don’t want your allergies to worsen because of me” I said even though I know he won’t understand.I’ve learned many things about the human world by observing.I want to ask them if they saw her but Mama said that they can’t understand us which is very weird.He keeps talking in front of the phone while I munch my snack.I really want you to stay in our dorm but we’re going to be busy soon and no one’s going to take care of you” He gently whispered in my ear.I was left in that house, Bin’s family is also kind.Will he come back? “Of course we’ll take care of her.The man who brought me (is Bin his name?) sniffed before answering, “I’ll take her home but let me keep her for few days please.Did I go the wrong way? “I’ll go tell your mom that I saw you if I happen to see her. “I’m home” He announced and two woman went out from somewhere.I tried to run for a safe place but humans I presume are doing the same.

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